A small country on the north coast of Europe, the Netherlands has a long maritime history of exploration and trade. A relaxed and cosmopolitan country, Holland is well served by rail and road links across western Europe as well as welcoming scheduled flights from around the world at its five international airports.

Dutch factory outlet center also capture the spirit of the country from the Batavia Stad on the waterfront of the country’s capital city, Amsterdam, to the contemporary centres in Roermond and Rosada on the Belgian and German borders.

Batavia Stad Amsterdam

Batavia Stad Amsterdam Outlet

The first factory outlet centre in Holland, Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet opened its doors in 2001 by the Markermeer - a large inland lake north east of Amsterdam. All the best local, national and international brands you would expect in such a cosmopolitan country as...

Roermond designer Outlet

Roermond Designer Outlet

This designer outlet is located in Roermond, only 10 minutes from the German border and 30 minutes from Düsseldorf. It has first-class connections by motorway and public transport.

Discover in Roermond outlet over 170 designer brands in more than 100 stores, selling...

Rosada Fashion Outlet

Rosada Fashion Outlet

In Rosada you will find no less than 60 branded retailers that always offer 30 to 70% discounts! It is the place to shop for those who love well-known brands of men’s, women’s and children’s fashion, sportswear, accessories, lingerie, shoes, bags, and much more. Rosada is...